Global Payment Solutions

Harness the synergy of a vast payment network spanning 25 currencies. Experience unparalleled efficiency, competitive rates, and 24/7 dedicated support. Elevate your international banking beyond the ordinary.

Why Choose SunBank for Your Global Transactions?

Dive into a world where every transaction is a testament to unparalleled security, competitive rates, and a commitment to customer excellence. With SunBank, you’re not just banking; you’re experiencing the future of global finance.

Extensive Global Network

Initiate transfers from over 200 countries, ensuring your financial reach is truly global.

Transaction Time

Time is money. With SunBank, your payments are processed typically within 1-4 business days.

Diverse Currency Portfolio

Diversify your transactions with our support for 25 major global currencies. Experience true financial flexibility.

Effortless Management

Stay in control. Easily manage all your international transfers and recipients with our intuitive platform.

How it works

Begin by creating your SunBank account or logging in if you’re an existing user.

Select the type of payment you wish to make, fill in the form with the necessary details, including the amount and recipient information.
Review all transaction details for accuracy and then confirm using GA (Google Authenticator).
Once the transfer is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation and a detailed receipt for your records.
How secure are my international transfers with SunBank?
Your security is our top priority. SunBank uses advanced encryption and security protocols to protect every transaction. In addition, we constantly monitor and update our systems to be one step ahead of potential threats.
Are there any hidden fees for international transfers?
Transparency is the key to SunBank. We are proud to offer competitive rates with no hidden fees. Any fees associated with your transfer will be clearly stated in advance.
Can I track the status of my international transfer?
Absolutely! Once you initiate a transfer, you can monitor its status in real-time through our platform. We also provide notifications at key stages of the transaction process.
How do I manage multiple recipients for my transfers?
Our platform provides you with an intuitive dashboard that makes it easy for you to add, manage, and organize multiple recipients. This ensures that you have a streamlined experience for repeated transactions.
Is my transaction secure with SEPA and SWIFT?
Yes. Both SEPA and SWIFT prioritize security, ensuring that your transactions are protected at all times.

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