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Why SunBank

We aim to change the way people think about banking.

We comply with laws and regulations in everything we do.
We focus on the customer in everything we do.
We build strong long-lasting client partnerships based on expertise, trust and care.

How to become a Client

Sun Bank operates like a digital online bank, i.e. an application for an account opening is a straightforward process and can be facilitated from anywhere in the world. You can easily open a multi-currency account from the comfort of your home or your office in a short period of time.


Multi-currency account – lots of advantages.

Open your Sun Bank account and make use of benefits worldwide.

SWIFT & SEPA Payments

Sun Bank offers payments in more than 35 currencies  using the SWIFT payment system alongside SEPA payments.

Get access to two of the largest global payment systems.


Enjoy the advantages of your Debit Card: Safe, Speedy, Simple.

Get your Debit Mastercard/Debit Visa card today.

A debit card is commonly linked directly to your checking account and transactions can usually be performed in a minute or less.

Corporate cards for making non-cash payments during business trips, as well as for entertainment and business expenses.

Foreign exchange

Exchange currencies at a favorable exchange rate.

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